Aja Haynes

Mind in a Bottle

From the earliest moments of my life, I was surrounded by the hum of music. Perhaps it was my mother's singing that first sparked my connection with melody. While I can't pinpoint the exact moment music captured my soul, I do know it's been an innate part of me.

Growing up, I often struggled to find the right words to express my feelings and emotions. Verbal communication felt like a maze of overthinking and overwhelming hesitation. Yet, when I channeled that inner chaos into art, particularly through music and poetry, it took form and expression that otherwise eluded me. Through music, I found a voice and a way to make sense of the world around me.

As the years passed, songwriting grew as a prominent outlet for me. My problems and emotions grew more intricate, reflecting the natural progression of life. In the midst of it all, I wrestled with the fear of being different. I had endured teasing for my "too high" voice and felt isolated in my experiences.

It was a turning point when I mustered the courage to share one of my songs with a friend. To my surprise, he revealed that he, too, was navigating similar challenges in his life. That moment was a revelation, that the songs I thought to be insignificant, could have such power. Since then, I've continued to share my songs, even when fear tugs me. Because I've learned that my music may resonate with others, just as the work of artists who inspired me resonated with my own journey.